dspMixFx UR44 (Mixer) - No Device Found


While troubleshooting a seemingly unsolvable problem (no monitor output of live channels) - I decided to have a look at the dspMixFx software that came with my UR44 setup. With Cubase completely off - not loaded - not running - I started dspMixFx_UR44. However, I get an error message saying, “No Device Found”

Any ideas . . ?

Is the cc mode off?

Nope, it’s on!

Okay, now it all makes sense. A few nights back, while recording, I had to move the unit (in the dark), and pulled the USB out briefly. So, that switch must have accidentally gotten flipped. Right around that time, that night, I got this weird reverb problem, but only in the monitor out (the headphones). At first I thought it was software, then I tried power cycling the UR44 - that removed the reverb - but also the monitor audio. Grrrr.

Well, thanks for suggesting this - and finding that other post about the missing Audio Hardware Setup (although that really scared me - thought it was doggy software). Not sure how long I would have gone before checking the CC switch. I assumed it had never been moved.

Yeah, anyway, thanks again - we’re back on track with our recordings again.

wWhat is cc mode? I have the same problem

Hello, where do you find the dspMixFx icon to start it ?