Dtouch for Nuendo = Speed

Hi guys,

I’m slammed, so this will be quick…a preliminary.

I just installed Dtouch for Nuendo. Wow. Lot’s of cool stuff here. I am using the Dell 27" touchscreen. Some great functionality. Takes a little getting used to after using the mouse/keyboard combo forever. I am running a Faderport and Artist Mix as well and so far all are playing well together. Who knew?

Main reason I’m writing this is what I think is a KILLER feature that is a bit of a revelation. The Matrix screen. Simply put, up to 256 channels can be displayed, 128 at a time, in a single touchscreen. From it, you can adjust Fader, Mute, Pan, Sends, Cue Sends, Solo, Rec Enable, Auto Read, Auto Write, Auto Suspend, plus several other useful functions, for 128 tracks in a single view so fast it will make your head spin. Tap 1 button and the same for tracks 129-256. It’s all crystal clear and just so freakin’ logical. Easy to access and use. Not fiddly at all.

For large track counts, this is a quantum leap in addressing tracks. Swipe gestures let you do an action to many tracks at once far quicker than selecting tracks and using Q-Link.

I am not a shill for these guys and have no dog in this fight. It’s just that good, IMO. The price is worth it just for the Matrix, for my use. It’s going to save me hours on these ridiculously huge pop projects I’m mixing. Check out the demo. Touchscreens are so cheap these days.

Unfortunately, Windows only currently. But for Nuendo users on Windows, it’s very much worth a look. Pushes workflow past the Nuendo included tools.

Sounds very appealing ! Thanks for the report.
The only drawback is it doesn’t coexist with other controllers (Eucon, Nuage etc…) apart form the old Hui protocol.

The best thing is the way it improves the listening situation compared to many traditional mixing environments (meter bridges and monitors building a high wall in front of your speakers). I’m not convinced that it’s easier to find a channel on a desk with 128 faders…But it is a very interesting concept for sure.

As I said above, I’m running both Eucon/Artist Mix and Faderport at the same time as DTouch. I may eventually discover something wrong but currently everything is working perfectly including transport and all other commands in the Faderport. Eucon seems unaffected at least so far. I’ll report back if I discover differently but so far its happily coexisting with other physical external controllers on my system.

To each his own. So far, at least for me, there are a number of things I can do probably 10 times faster on the Matrix. I guess it just depends on style and workflow. For instance, doing fader rides. With an external physical controller in conjunction with the Matrix I can do fader rides including fine control with a physical fader on any of the 128 tracks per page without scrolling or even blinking.

A single button press gets me to the next 128. I can instantly switch the physical fader to do Sends, Cue Sends, Pan. Don’t see how you beat that with the Nuendo straight up. For me, it’s a major win.

I didn’t see your reply to my post and I somehow skipped the bit where you mention the Artist mix…
You mean it works with it ? Now that is great news. I read this on their website :

Supported Nuendo Versions:
DTouch supports Steinberg Nuendo 7.
Previous versions of Nuendo are NOT supported.
Steinberg Nuendo live is NOT supported.
DTouch needs to be the only External Device (Controller) in Nuendo; DTouch does not support the presence of other External Controllers. This includes MIDI Controller Keyboards that control parameters of the Nuendo Mixer. If you need more information, contact us.

Maybe they should correct the information provided there as it’s misleading potential buyers.

Like you, I’d be interested in Dtouch for it’s matrix.
I’m fine with the Artist fader units but the Mc Control is not great as far as screen readability and size goes.
Dtouch for matrix . Best of both world.
Now it means a total redesign of the desk which I just did…

Nuage has a scroll ribbon that is really great for quick access of tracks but the plugin interface would be a cool addon there I guess.

Anyway thanks for reporting any caveats you’ll find or nice discoveries you’ll do on Dtouch !

I am using Dtouch for Nuendo. I was cautioned very strongly to not have any external controllers running. I was running a Mackie Control and I would get intermittent glitching which required restarting Nuendo. Removing it solved the issue as I was told it would.

HUI devices can be run within Dtouch but are limited. However Devil Technologies is working on using external controllers with Dtouch as well as getting more functionality from HUI devices, and they move quickly with their development.


Thanks for your comments. I don’t want to put out incorrect info. External controllers were working great on my setup but as I said, just a preliminary report since my time was limited. I am out of town and away from my system for the next 10 days.

Maybe it’s a Dtouch limitation. I am running N7 with a generic remote (Touch OSV via acer tablet and multiple artist series controllers. It works well together. (other than the artist needing a long time to detect in the morning, but they have always done that)

I am not using it yet with cubase, but some of the matrix ideas came from exchanging mails with the developers, they are incredibly open to implement new features, so write to them and ask them for new features and more important, macros. They are waiting for requests for complex macros.