Dual editing in Cubase

Hey guys is there a way to lock the editing between 2 audio files so that whenever I edit 1 it ALWAYS edits the other in terms of slicing audio, moving warp marker, reversing, etc…
An example In the attached screenshot :

  • Whenever I edit “R DI” track I want it to also edit the “GTR R” track
  • Whenever I edit “L DI” Track i want it to also edit the “GTR L” track

Its starting to get abit annoying always selecting the 2 tracks before I make edits just seeing if theres a better way. thanks in advance

(essentially what im trying to do is edit the guitar DI signal the same way as the wet signal so that they are still in the same grid ready for me to reamp later on)

yes, hit the little “=” icon on the folder and all the tracks that are in the folder are locked together:
you also might want to check out the little icon next to it, this will be usueful when you are editing multimiced recordings that requires to keep the phase intact after certain editing operations

when i edit my guitar tracks, i usually have the DI and the Amp Track for each guitar in one folder, hit the “=” button on the folder and when i edit the DI track, the Amp Track follows with it. i´m not sure if it works with reverse as well, as i have never tried it, but usual editing techniques work fine, also with Free Warp for example

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It’s named Group Editing.

ok thanks! but when i click the = it says “the tracks in the folder are not completely in sync. Group editing could fail!”
and when I click ~ it says this;

any recommendations? what does it really mean by “in sync” because sometimes when i select an audio event in the folder it highlights both (which is good) but sometimes when i select a different audio it doesnt select the DI audio beneath it (which is bad).

that means that the contents of the folders are not identical, most likely because you have already done some edits there^

i typcially start clicking the = button right after i have recorded the tracks and moved them to its dedicated folder, so that way i ensure they stay in sync.

it also never worked for me to use this functions on previously edited tracks for those reasons.

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try grouping tracks.


What do you mean? Do you mean the Group Editing in the folder, as described above?

Or do you mean Group the Audio Events?

Tracks are not groupable in this sense.

I mean selecting events and grouping by Edit-group, I guess “grouping tracks” wasn´t an accurate term.

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oh wowww! I never knew this existed thanks heaps man.

Solution 1: Edit → Group
Solution 2: Make a folder track and press = / ~ and start editing

The problem with this is that if you edit using snap to zero crossing it goes whenever the sine wave is 0 (i.e. no amplitube) hence wont be accurate because both edits will be slightly off when you chop the audio up into bits

wow i learn something new everytime I open cubase lol

ah i see and understand what you mean
i never use the snap to zero, instead i´m using automatic fades to prevent audioble clicks, but yeah, there are always different approaches when it comes to editing

interesting – how do you setup automatic fades ? is it in preferences?

i´m not sitting in front of my daw now and i dont remember where the setting is, but i think its loacted in the fade dialog box.

i have learned this trick back in the days at the infamous andy sneap forum at ultimate metal.,
set the autofade in / out to 2ms


In the Inspector > Track name tab, next to the Liston button. The Auto Fades window opens.

Screenshot 2024-06-11 at 16.43.29

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thanks martin I tried doing this but when I slice up audio it doesnt create automatic fade ins & outs. is there something im missing? i check all 3 boxes there “auto fade in, auto fade out, auto crossfades”