Dual install mac/windows (VM/bootcamp)

Hi, I installed cubase on Mac.
I want to install cubase on win, too. I run win on the mac in bootcamp or in a parallels VM based on the bootcamp partition.
In either case I have access to the Mac partition with drive D:\ (as network share in vm, or hfs+ volume in bootcamp), where vst sound files reside.

So, when I now install cubase win, how do I install it WITHOUT the vst sound content, but, instead, point the programs to the vst sound locations on D:? I do not want to have to manage two redundant copies of gigabytes of content.


Hi there,

it should work on a third NTFS partition.

It should work, if you install it on both OS at the same location.
The files are identical for OSX and Win.

First install it from Mac OSX and afterwards on Win.

Install it on the third partition and scan it in each OS with Cubase.

The files should only be overwritten and not doubled…

…but no guarantee and no support…:wink:

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Thanks a lot Marcus.

No need for a third partition, as I’m using NTFS for Mac and HFS+ for Windows from Paragon, I can perfectly read/write to either partition from any OS, or via network share in the win VM.

So, basically, there is no way to install the programs without content? I’d have to install the content two times, overwriting already installed content?

Hi there,

I would recommend to do so…



just a question:

A) after installing cubase on mac, I see the following folders:

/Library/Application Support/Steinberg/Content/Padshop/VST Sound/…(padshop content)…
/Library/Application Support/Steinberg/Content/VST Sound/…(cubase content)…

I did NOT change any paths upon installation on mac.

B) when running the win installer, I can point the padshop content to D:/Library/Application Support/Steinberg/Content/Padshop/VST Sound/ but this path the also applies to the drumloop content and all other contents! So I can NOT specify the paths individually for padshop and he various cubases components?


Do I have to run the win installer multiple times and only install the components which go to different VST Sound folder?


but I already recommended to install at on 3rd partition and choose a different location.

I do not have experience with the Mac Installation folders for different operating systems, I have tried it on
a neutral partition & folder.

And only by using different Windows Version (7/8 )



Just curious…why would you install Cubase under Windows (Bootcamp) anyways??

primarily a developing purpose, as cubase is the only adm capable asio host afaik