dual monitor display

hey guys, i just set up 2 monitors and am disappointed to find that i cant drag the media bay or editing windows to my secondary screen. vsts and tools can drag across to my seconday screen. please tell me there is a way to make media bay and the editing windows drag across otherwise there is no real point of having 2 montors.

i had a look in the settings in cubase and online but cant get anywhere.

any advice is appreciated.



I don’t have an answer … but that fully expanded mixer looks great on the other display!

Actually, there is a solution: workspaces. You can drag the main Cubase window across both monitors as long as the window is not maximized and then setup the editors in different sections with your project window at the left screen and your different editors on the right. As long as you never maximize those windows, they will stay where you put them. If you use ‘workspaces,’ you can set up a different workspace for different editors … you have up to 10 different ones available.

Set it all up once and then make it a template. When you start a new project your layout will return.

Templates and workspaces (and customized key command sets) are the keys to great workflow in Cubase.


thanks for the reply. yeah thats how ive got it working. i just thought you could maximise the arrangement in the left and then setup my windows for my editting and tools on the right, which would be heaps better. cause right in the middle of my working arrea is where the 2 monitors meet and the end lcd panels meet which is about 5" in size.

spewing! but ah well.