Dual Monitor Issue with WaveLab Elemants 12.0.20

Sorry, it’s me again :wink:

I work here with two displays with different resolutions.

  1. my Notebook with FHD display and
  2. an external 4K display (via HDMI).

I always use WaveLab (EL) on the larger 4K display. When I pause WL on the larger 4K display and park it on the taskbar and then open it again, then the WaveLab Window jumps unexpected to the smaller notebook screen with a huge magnification and locks it completely. There is then no way to continue working with WaveLab. All I can do is Alt +F4 :frowning:

  • The Issue happens when the 4K display is scaled to 125% (Windows Text-Size) only.
  • The Issue does not happen with any other App (with any scaling available)
  • The Issue does not happen with WaveLab EL 11.2 (with any scaling available)

So it seems it is a WaveLab(EL) 12 issue. Maybe you (Steinberg QA Team) can check this and fix it in the next release?

Have a nice day, Chris
Windows 10-64

If you can make your HDPI screen your main screen (in the Windows settings), then this should not happen.

Thanks for the workaround.

I will rather change the scaling in Windows to 150% when I use WaveLab. Maybe you can change this behavior of WL(EL)12 like it was WL11.2 in a future update :wink: