Dual monitor issue

I had 2 monitors (Windows 10 pro/Dorico 5.1) and I used to put certain scores on the left screen. But one monitor died, so I’m temporarily back to 1 monitor.

Windows settings have been automatically returned to single monitor mode.

But when I open certain scores from the Hub, they seem to open on the missing monitor. Most likely the monitor it was last opened on, which was the dead one.

How can I open them on the main monitor?

Can you open display settings and change your configuration from Extend to “single display” or “Mirror”?

That is an option on dual monitor mode. I think that setting is not available in single monitor mode.

Your system is still thinking there’s two monitors, though. Did you check Display settings to make sure it’s set to a single display?

if Windows detects another monitor, it automatically switches modes.

Mine only detects the one.

Maybe I’ll just have to wait until I buy another second monitor.

Open up Windows Explorer, and go to %APPDATA%\Steinberg\Dorico 5, then find the file DocumentWindowPositions.ini, and delete it. Then restart Dorico and hopefully you’ll find all your projects open at their default positions once more.