Dual Monitor Split Tool problem

This is really odd, anybody else have this problem? I run a dual monitor setup, Win10, using C11.

If I create a Project and keep the Project on one monitor - either monitor - add a stereo track then import an audio event, then split the event with two cuts making 3 events, and then click on the newly created event, things behave as you would expect. The split section is selected and you can edit it however you want.

However, when you expand the Project to extend onto both monitors, things change. If I keep the audio event on just one monitor, say monitor 1, and use the Split Tool to create 3 events again, and then click on the newly created event, it behaves as it should, the event is selected and you can edit it as is typical. BUT… If I extend the event across the two monitors and use the Split Tool as I did before (but only on the portion of the event that is on monitor 1, creating 3 events there, and then click on the new event, it moves the event to bar 1 of the original event. (Update: At one time, if I used the Split Tool on monitor 2, on the portion of the event that is on monitor 2, the newly created event was placed/moved on top of the original event to the right. However now, on monitor 2, this behavior stopped and the Split Tool behaves as it should.)

I hope I explained this correctly, and yes, I can make a video of all of this if need be. Can anybody else try this and see if this happens on their PC? Thanks.


Could you make the video, please? That would help. Thank you.

Justin, can I email you a drop box file link? If not I can post it on YT.

Wait, I just sent you the Dropbox link in a message. Thanks for looking at this I am completely stumped. Currently this problem exists only on the one monitor - the event movement when selecting it - but yesterday the 2nd monitor behaved oddly, the split events moved to the right, towards the end of the original event.

Also another thing I just noticed that is odd. When I DBL click on an event in the 2nd monitor, the Editor opens up as it should. When I DBL click on the same event in the 1st monitor, the editor does not open. Also, related, when I single click on an event that is already selected in the first monitor, it flashes grey (as if unselected) before it returns to the selected state. The 2nd monitor, if the event has already been selected, remains unchanged no matter how many times I click on it in a single click manner.

I know you’re busy. Thanks, Justin.

Justin, hi there. Thinking that you might suggest uninstalling C11 and starting over, I did this. First I went back to C10.5. And the problem went away. Everything worked like it should. Then I updated to C11, 11.0.30 to be exact. And the problem returned. And yes, I had updated to 11.0.40 and it had the same problem. Last try here, I installed the first C11 program, 11.0.0 and I experienced the same problem. C11 is not behaving correctly on my PC. Windows 10 Home, Version 21H1, OS build 19043.1237, i7 3.2G, 32G ram, all SSD drives, Latest AMD Radeon video driver 30.013017.5006.

What I don’t understand is why do I seem to be the only person experiencing this problem? How is this possible? I will open a ticket with Steinberg at this point. If you come up with anything please let me know. Thanks again, Justin.