Dual monitor (what you looking at)

Just curious as to those working in dual monitor enviorment, how are you using your spare monitor? What are you looking at, checking for…Whats your go to plugin for checking the master buss volume level?

Depends what I’m doing. If I’m sequencing a score, the printed source notation may be on the second screen. Or a load of plugin windows, if I’m juggling their settings, Or, when mixing, probably the mixer. Or even the mixer stretched across both displays, if it’s a complicated project.

If recording a vocalist, maybe the words for him to look at. And try displaying a giant-size level meter of his input channel - telling him to “keep it there” can almost magically improve mic technique!


If I’m recording, I have the Project window on the main screen a some plug-ins on other screens.

If I’m editing, I have Key Editor on the main screen, Project window, on the 2nd screen, and other windows (like History, Time Display, Markers, etc.) on the 3rd screen.

I’m using Workspaces, to get the correct Windows layout, I need to, at the moment.

On my secondary monitor, I use Either the Mix Console, or midi windows (key editor etc)

I jumped from 2 to 4 monitors last spring & am loving it. Makes me feel like I’m on the bridge of the Enterprise.

But as others have said it’s task dependent. The 2 middle ones have whatever I’m currently focused on, with the sides more auxiliary. So if I’m editing midi I’ll have the Project in one an the Key Editor in the other. Maybe the far left will have the MixConsole and the far right a VSTi interface - or perhaps a couple of other Key Editors to compare and/or copy data from. When mixing or tracking the Project & MixConsole take center stage.

I have a touchscreen 22" monitor that I use as a secondary monitor and usually has my mixer on it:

It’s on an arm that has the flexibility to pulled out and put in a position and angle that is great for hands on mixing or tweaking virtual instruments and plugins, as shown below:

Porn, ehh gear porn.

Arrangement on main monitor (full-screen, thanks to Cubase 8) and Mix Console on side monitor.

Would love to go at least one more monitor…meters, third mixer with groups/stems on the 3rd display…would be awesome.

It is seriously useful to be able to see everything you want at once without having to send windows to the front or back.

Indeed. I’d hate to have to keep switching windows, or have the mixer and arrangement windows crammed together on one screen, especially since C8’s mixer isn’t dockable like in S1 and Logic.

Two window setups, depending on workflow:

  • Recording mode: arrangement window on main (large) screen, mixer on secondary (smaller) screen
  • Mixing mode: mixer on large screen, arrangement on secondary

Now I need a third screen for these pesky channel/plugin windows that always get in the way :smiley:



Two 23" monitors stacked vertically. I bought the stand on amazon for about 60.00. My neck would hurt from looking side to side when they were horizontal. I keep my mixer open on the top, and switch between all other windows on the bottom.

Arrangement on main monitor and midi edition + mix console on the second…

All of this leads me to something I’ve always wondered about. That is, how other people are making use of their screen real estate. Or, a “best practice” if there is such a thing.

Steinberg has provided 3 mixers :
Screen 1) I’ve got the Arrange Page to the front and docked just behind with only the tab visible is Mixer 3 with Groups/Stems only
Screen 2) Mixer 1 with VST Instruments only and docked just behind it with only the tab visible is Mixer 2 with Audio Channels and FX channels only.
Mixer 1 is the only one with the Stereo Out visible.

The wild card in any screen management are the plug-ins/VSTi’s. I’m constantly moving/making visible/invisible plug-in windows on Screen 2 just above the mixer windows.

Is there a better way ? Docking/undocking ? What are you guys doing ?..screen shots ?

Since C8 was released, I bought a full HD monitor as the GUI seems to have been designed with that in mind. Then I bought a second one as (a) they’ve become cheap and (b) I didn’t have the time or energy to deal with the mixer no longer being able to be set to always-on-top. So the mixer is on the second monitor (and AOT is still not fixed!)

Five Screens here :astonished: - seriously!

Four arranged in a square between the Studio Monitors and the fifth on a flexible arm to get it Close to my old face.

2 Matrox graphics Adapters for 4 Screens each.

One of the free ports of the matrox’s is connected to my living room tv.

Cheers, Ernst

PS.: No photos - gear porn not for free ;o))))

3 screens here.

Middle screen - project window; Right screen - mixer, left screen - transport controls, score, plug-ins (and quite often the Cubase manual) :slight_smile:


4 mons - 3x 23" in a row, 1x 27" above and behind. LHS - windows folders and VIs, centre - project window, RHS - mixer and key editor, above - video, metering, dynamics plugins etc. 2x fanless GT610s drive it all very happily.

Left Monitor - Project Window
Middle Monitor - Input Mixer and EQ
Right Monitor - Mix Console