Dual Panner mode

Hi all,

How to get the “Dual panner” mode on a stereo track in the VST mixer ?
I found it into “Settings” in “VST” setting but even if I select it as default, I can get it into VST mixer.

Any idea ?

right click on the panner doesn’t work?

It´s no longer an extra option in C7

I saw the panner options last night. But, I can’t recall where now. Look in the channel editor. maybe it’s there now.

As the OP mentioned already: In the preferences, but it´s for remote conrtrol devices only (Whatever that may mean)

Not now and probably not tomorrow. But the manual has the necessary info on how to get dual panner behaviour.

My apologies I see the only option is the combined panner now. Which is the one I use. It can be inverted, so other than a dual mono situation is there a difference?

The dual panner is still available! I had the same problem like you and was really let down… however, all you gotta do is this: Hold Alt and move the sliders in the combined panner mode and it behaves like the old dual panner.

Thank you frozenwave, it’s work once we know how :slight_smile:

Regarding the default value in the preference “Dual panner (only for remote control)”, which kind of remote control it mean ? CC121 ?

The ones that control Cubase remotely…