Dual screen - HOW?

No, at least I haven’t. I use the mixer full screen on my right monitor and have adjusted my C8 shortcut to start maximized on the left, albeit meaning that the grey will be only on the left…
Works for me atm…

For what reason do you want to span the grey background on both monitors? This is not necessary anymore with C8. Now every cubase window has it’s own windows task and can be placed everywhere, independently from the main window. The main window just contains the menu bar and can only be placed on one monitor.

Well I have my Studio’s logo on both of my monitors. I’d prefer not to see it while I am working. I personally liked when Cubase ‘hogged’ both screens. Now I have to place plug ins and mixer screens in such a way to cover the screen.
End of the world? No, but a minor PITA personally.


on my setup I just maximize the mixer and it covers the whole right screen, while the project window is on the left.
The only time I ever see the desktop background is before a project is loaded, i.e. before work starts…
Luckily, everybody is different, but this works well for me! :slight_smile:


I agree that is a good approach. My studio layout makes things a bit more difficult. I have attached a picture to show you the layout. I have one monitor close and another mounted on the wall across the room. This works well for when I do video editing but a bit of a pain when I do Audio on C8. The dude with the grey mustache in the picture is the legendary Jim Gaines (yeah I am bragging) Artist Search for "jim gaines" | AllMusic

This picture will give you an idea of my monitor set up. So having my mixer all the way across the room is not ideal for me. I am patiently waiting for the Raven MTI, truth be told.

Well, not sure why I am unable to post a picture. I am trying but it just don’t do it. Sigh.

EDIT*** sorted it out. had to reduce the size of the picture

makes sense! :wink:
I DID see the studio pic!


Didn’t understand what’s your point. So if you just want cubase to cover your logo background, why didn’t you change your desktop background to grey? Every other cubase window beside the video player and maybe some metering plugs, doesn’t make sense on the wall monitor, in my opinion.

Because when I close Cubase or other programs I want my company logo to be visible, but NOT while I am working. Its not been a big deal till C8 as all the previous versions did exactly what I am wanting. This is a new change and just seeing if others have found a way to span the C8 workspace across both monitors. It appears its not possible. I’ll adapt.