Dubstep Synth Sounds in Cubase 7?

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I recently upgraded my studio and bought Cubase 7, which includes a large number of synths with it. I am interested in playing around with some dubstep (I normally play metal), and I heard Native Instruments Massive is what a lot of folks use for substep, but I wondered if anyone has any recommendations for which synths included with Cubase and which presets are a good place to start to play with those big fat bass sounds common in substep.

Recommendations eagly anticipated! :slight_smile:

My best advice is to…

Uh nevermind…

Halion Sonic SE and use layers

If I was just using stock Cubase synths to create dubstep sounds I would definitely start with Retrologue, but all the synths in Cubase are capable of making dubstep sounds.



as already said…I would recommend the Retrologue as well.

There are some really good tutorial videos on YouTube how to make Dubstep with Cubase.

Here is an older Cubase 6 Tutorial of JHP:

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Wonderful, thanks for the tips everyone!