Dude, where's my clarinet?

I’ve got a problem with an instrument not appearing in galley view when it should. My players include

Clarinet 1
Clarinet 2 doubling Bass Clarinet

… which means that in galley view I’d expect to see three staves: clarinet 1, clarinet 2, and bass clarinet.

This happens in two of my four flows (movements). In the other two, I only see Clarinet 1 and Bass Clarinet. See attached image.

Any ideas on how to solve this?

Sounds to me like in two flows you’re seeing:

Player 1: Clarinet
Player 2: Clarinet
Player 2: Bass Clarinet

and in others you’re seeing:

Player 2: Clarinet
Player 2: Bass Clarinet

If this is the case, go to Setup mode, select the flows that are missing Player 1 and add Player 1. Or select Player 1 and add the flows that they’re missing.

Then you may have some cutting and pasting to do where you’ve inadvertently given player two all the notes for both players.

Not a bad theory, but incorrect as it turns out. Both Clarinet and Clarinet 2/Bass Clarinet are selected for all four flows. But only two of the flows show all three clarinet staves in galley view.

If anyone can help it would be appreciated!


Harrumph. You may need to post the project in order to get a useful response. You could remove all but the first bar of each flow, if you’re worried about copyright…

I can’t post it publicly, truncated or not, but I’d send it to someone on the Dorico team if invited.

I found a kludgy workaround:

  • create a new clarinet and give it to the second/bass clarinet player
  • copy over all the existing clarinet 2 material
  • delete the old, not-always-appearing clarinet

Having solved the problem through brute force, I’m pretty sure that I’ve figured out its origin.

The two problematic flows were MusicXML imports, whereas the two with the full instrument sets were created in Dorico. I suspect that when “instrument matching” MusicXML, Dorico has some kind of trouble with multi-instrument players.

Note that I don’t expect Dorico to assign content to each instrument on importing an XML file, since MusicXML has no concept of doubling. But I expect each instrument to be visible in Galley Mode so that I can assign content to it.

With XML imports I’ve found that sometimes it’s helpful to do a “change instrument” in the setup page, but change it to the same instrument as it currently is. It seems to apply attributes for the instrument and staff which are sometimes omitted (or modified) in the XML import. Or sometimes I create a whole new instrument and just copy and paste from the old instrument to the new. Seems to work better that way. Your mileage may vary.

Yah, I think that’s the way to go. I’m pretty thankful that XML works as well as it does though.

Thank you for the “change instrument to same instrument” hint. This works great for me. I had similar problems with doubling instruments not showing in Galley View. This seems to be a weird bug.

I can’t say that I’m terribly surprised. There are many, many quirks with XML import (which, to be fair, I don’t think we can entirely peg on Dorico). That’s why it’s also often recommended to reset appearance, beaming, etc. Then again, Daniel has been forthright about Dorico’s deficiencies in this particular department, so perhaps this plays into that. At least we can rest assured that they will continue chipping away at the problems. I look forward to V3’s release.