Due to recent thread from Steinberg about changing the licensing system

Yes, let’s make this about iZotope’s subscription plan. Good thinking.


Hmm… I use some iZotope stuff that I really like, but I hadn’t read they were phasing out updates in general. Wouldn’t be good for me given I’m an amateur, and only work on my own stuff in spurts, based on whatever else is going on in my life. And even as an iZotope user, I don’t want to change constantly. I need to take time to figure out how to use new features, which I don’t always have. I would think professional users would work the same way.

Hoping Mattias is correct that Steinberg is not going prescription and eliminating upgrades. You would think that all these companies could figure out pricing for non-subscribers to catch up in one go. I tend to upgrade Cubase about every other major release, and honestly, I’ve never learned how to use a lot of the new features because I’m focused on other things, like composing and performing.

@MattiasNYC is correct.

…even here in the lounge a useless debate based on incorrect assumptions is beyond pointless, and generates misinformation.

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OK, thanks Steve.

Can you answer me if, when I buy the cubase update to 11 I will be able to get an “old fashioned” license for my dongle for all Bugfix updates for the 11 circle (not 11.5) even if the new scheme will be introduced during the lifespan of that version?
Thanks in advance.

That’s the ONLY kind of license you can get. And as Steinberg has told us several times, they have no intention of messing with the installed base.

This should be a new aptitude test for joining the forum

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Did I ask any of you ?
I know what a licence I get today.
I want to know if a theoretical version 11.3.20 in november stay with the dongle when the new scheme will be introduced (theoretically ) in August

And aren’t you able to comprehend a complete post? Seems so as you only quoted a part of it and made a stupid reply…

@folkfreak please accept my deepest apology.

I will certainly guard my words closely when in your presence so as not to offend you with any gibberish that may fall from my lips. I only hope you will find it in your heart to forgive my recent transgression.

folkfreak, do you need a hug?

I missed the announcement / couldn’t respond to the thread before it got locked. Is this the only thread for discussing the upcoming licensing system? Would love to give feedback. Namely:

Dongle or no dongle, any license system needs to be quick, dead simple, and easy to use. Period. I am a longtime Cubase (and now Nuendo user) but I will say I absolutely dread buying new Steinberg products due to the painful authorization process. (I literally spent hours trying to purchase and authorize the Nuendo 11 upgrade.)

As an example of a good system, I will say the best software authorization system I’ve experienced is with Native Instruments software. Rock solid and easy-to-use. Never a problem and I think you can even install on two computers.

Looking forward to hearing more!