Due to self Isolation........

Due to self Isolation I would like to use VST Connect SE but it seems Steinberg dont want anyone to know about it? a few questions firstly -

  1. Where is it? is it a download?
  2. is there any tutorials for it?
  3. Has anyone used it with any success…or is it just a bad idea.

Why not use the dedicated forum…? :unamused:
Apart from that it´s on the Steinberg page - where else should it be…

it’s in the VST connect section - it is very easy to use and it very good on even rather medium internet lines.

The only bad thing is that the free version only records 1 stereo track. You can’t record in mono - only in the pro version.

like already suggested - there is a dedicated subforum for it.

also there is a quick intro on steinberg site:

Sub forum? Where is this please? These are the only forums I can find -

English Forums
Subforums: Cubase, Dorico, Nuendo, Sequel, SpectraLayers 6, Steinberg Apps, Steinberg Hardware, VST Cloud, VST Instruments, Virtual Effects Plug-ins and Add-ons, WaveLab, Computer/Studio Hardware & Setup, Forum Issues, Made with Steinberg, Steinberg Lounge

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