Duh! How about letting those that bought the box download?

Since I have a receipt saying I paid for C6 Upgrade … why can’t I download while waiting for the box to arrive?



Good question

Seems hard to understand for some, but probably because as said already, because C6 is not for download. If it was, you wouldn´t have needed to order the box, I guess. Other than that you can of course download whatever you like, (as long as it´s available for download) while waiting for the box to arrive.

Stellar answer … I missed that.

But then how come when I ordered it, it showed a choice between ordering the boxed set or download?

I of course wanted that printed manual anyway, but … just sayin.’


Sorry to disappoint you, but there is no printed manual, that comes with Cubase 6! :frowning:

I wonder how they’ll manage a demo download then? I mean, that’s a thing that crosses your mind as relates to downloading something that works and like C5, is “fully enabled”. I’m quite sure that won’t ship that in a box?

And I’m not complaining just drawing the obvious parallel from a working demo to (the same?) download for people who may have to wait 2 weeks for a physical delivery to add the rest of the content. Maybe they should’ve put the demo up … but maybe their trying to also slow down the crackers (a-holes), which also makes sense I guess.

But there actually will have to be a download for it at some point unless there won’t be any demo for 6?

I don´t know - Do you upgrade from Artist 6 to full Cubase 6? Otherwise, when it´s greyed out, consider it as not available…
And for the printed manual, as horsed says…

Is there a Cubase 6 demo download already…? I can´t see one… Maybe it also could have to do with server limits, and the demo download some months after release doesn´t require so much bandwidth… As far as I can see, the official statement is, you can´t download full C6 and there is no demo yet, or am I missing something…?
Then IIRC You can´t use the C5 demo to as full version if you decide to buy it but also have to order a box, so probably something may be different…?!
I´m sure, they have their reasons, why they do things like they do, just like anyone…
And just like everywhere, there are always people who know better by just looking at things for 2 seconds…

No, that’s actually what I was asking. Whenever the demo goes up it will obviously not be too big to download, yet still work. I mean, the Cubase 5 installer is scripted or similar… it runs the various installers in series. You can just navigate down into the DVD and only install the application itself without running the various content installers. If you install those later - the content packs, run those installers - they still work.

So I didn’t personally ever quite get the logical connection between the content size (which is huge, granted) and not allowing the basic application installer package download for people who paid and are waiting. To allow them to download the app just to get started until the content arrives.

I mean, you don’t need that content to use Cubase. So while I’m not questioning the decision not to allow download - there are probably many potential reasonable reasons for that - I am saying “content size” is technically not really a valid reason not to put the basic application installer - and none of the content - on a server.

Anyway, I think they may be missing some sales because of it.

While there certainly are lots of people who will buy or update in the blind, without testing it directly first, there are probably also many who probably never do that. They’ll wait for the demo first. By that time - depending on what happens with competitor products and some other things in the interim, and how long it takes to post the demo - they may be much less interested and/or may have already spent the money on something else… especially those buying brand new.

So it’s in their best interest (imo) to get a demo up in a reasonable time period to not lose those sales.

Sorry, misunderstood then…
Maybe it´s not just content.
What about the authorisation? Obviously if you ordered a box, your code is inside there. So with a download you get a second code? Time limited license - well I have no clue how complicated (or not) that might be. Requires additional registration I think, someone who manages that additionally to the shipping of the regular boxes and what not. I have no clue, I just think if it was simple, they´d do it.

No idea. You’d have to ask people who bought if the codes came with the email receipt. Some companies do exactly that when you buy direct because of course, they can easily track their own stock and the serials.

In that case you get the full auth as soon as you pay, in an email… before the box gets there 7 days later. All you need then is the basic program file to download. Install the content when the UPS guy shows up with it.

Again, one of the reasons for not having the demo up yet is probably keeping it out of the crackers (a-holes) hands longer… which is as good a reason as any while they get the early sales generated by the early buzz. That does make sense.