Dumb Adhd stonerrocker

Hello Forum! I just nbought a new pc cuz the ol one was gettong so sloow, with the RAM.
I opened the new pc cardboard box (labtop) , And it DOESNT have a cd rom! I thought every pc had one…

So, is it possible to download the software that i already own on the cd`s ? Its is the package CI 2+ with Cubase Ai6

Best regards

Have you checked your My Steinberg account? It may be listed there. Or check the Steinberg support site, downloads page. It might be available there.

But… Most likely you need those CDs. Maybe you can go and purchase a USB key drive (they are cheap) and copy the contents of the CDs to the USB key drive and install it to your new laptop using a USB port (if it has one). Or purchase a USB connectable CD drive. They are only $20-$30.

Good luck

Regards. :sunglasses: