Dumb newbie question - go easy on me!

Hi there!

I am currently running Cubase 5 on Windows Vista.

I’m almost embarrased to ask this, but would I be right in thinking that Cubase 6 won’t work on Vista and that I need to have Windows 7? After some googling, I can’t seem to find a definitive answer on this.

Many thanks!

Hey there,

No, you should find it runs perfectly well on Vista. I run Cubase 6 on Vista 64 with no issues at all.


You just wont get official support but then you always have this place :smiley:

And installing W7 on a computer that came with Vista may not be a good idea, particularly if it’s a laptop. I’ve know battery management to go haywire, causing big latency spikes. Nothing a BIOS update couldn’t fix, but if there isn’t one…

FWIW - when Windows 7 came out, I had a Vista system that ran great for my DAW. I liked the improvements in W7 for my office machine so I decided to try it on my DAW. I imaged the drive so I could change back and installed W7 on top of VIsta (something I would never would have done, except it was only a test). I was just going to see what complications there might be if and when I upgraded to W7 and fully intended on reverting back to Vista.

Well, it worked out so flawlessly that I still haven’t reinstalled clean. It is the only computer in literally hundreds I’ve used that I did an upgrade rather than clean install and have yet to experience any problem whatsoever.