Dumb Q: Drum Kit stereo mix

Artist 6

Can I (How can I) play around with the stereo panning of drum kits?

i.e., not the overall mix but where in the mix each drum, cymbal etc appears to be?

First you need to learn yourself about this…

Once you learn these tricks then use those EQ/delay tricks on the each audio tracks seperately that you want to make wider. Like claps at hard left-right & kicks in dead centre. Bass with some more width etc…

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What drum kits are we talking about here? Groove Agent ONE, or another VST maybe? Don’t know what’s included in Artist 6. In Groove Agent, each separate drum of a kit has its own pan control.

That’s an interesting looking article there, but not quite what I meant…

And that’s just weird.

Not to mention about 30 years too late…

I’m only talking about what’s supplied with Cubase 6 Artist. Specifically the Stereo GM Kit in HALion Sonic SE.

It could be done but it would be very awkward. You could e.g. load the kit several times in HSSE and use a separate MIDI track to each one, with each MIDI track confined to one instrument, and the audio output of each kit sent to it’s own stereo output. You’d control panning and EQ in the mixer then, although panning should work via MIDI as well.

Hmm, yes that does sound quite awkward. Perhaps even a bit ‘Tom Scholz’!

I might have been thinking of Battery when I’d played around with that on a friend’s DAW…

Yeah i was wrong answering you as you ask for built in stuff. Actually my way of work is quite different than those built in stuff so i suggested that. I suggested my way & i think most people in EDM scene work same as me. So would be better to try, i guess…

Method - Load custom sample or readymade percussion samples to different audio tracks & give them different space with stereo imaging techniques & then you can route them to a group & add a bus compression later to glue them.

I think you didn’t get what i said. In simple words that means, "No matter how beginner you are, never let anyone know by telling that “DUMB QUESTION”

Cubase Artist comes with Groove Agent One, which has a lot of built in drumkits as well. This offers far more control than HSSE. If you load up Groove Agent One in an instrument track you can control all the individual sounds from the GAO interface, or, if you load it in the instrument rack, you can even assign every sound to a separate output so you can mix your entire drumkit in your Cubase mixer.

Aaaah, OK. I see now. :slight_smile:

Ah yes, that rings a bell (from an evening course I did at the City Lit.), thank you.