dumb question i know .. but ?

not certain weather i should post this … but if i don’t then i wont know …

mid September i will be clean installing my DAW and operating system … i do this once every two years or even once a year depending on how busy i was or will be …
my question is this .:
after i install windows etc and then c7. must i install all updates chronologically or can i skip them and just install the last one ???
thanks ! :blush: :blush:

Aloha T,
no dumb questions and I am not totally sure of my answer but here goes:

Since you are going to ‘nuke and pave’ anyway,
I believe you might have to re-install the original
version 7.0 and then do the last up-date.

IIRC normally the last update has all the previous incremental updates included.

As I said I may be wrong on all this.


I’m not sure what the state of things will be at that time.

Currently it is recommended to use the downloadable 7.0.2 complete installer. Then, any updates you choose beyond that.

That’s the path I used a couple of months ago when I re-installed my operating system.

For those who can read, the version requirements are usually listed on the download page. For those who can´t - find someone who can…

thanks all …
was just wondering… if the new updates contain the previous updt data . what i could of course is just let c7 update itself online…then it will take what it needs by itself…

brilliant answer…and soooo helpful :laughing:

made it recently

  1. Cubase 7
  2. last update
    for me, that worked!


cheers :smiley:

If they can’t read,
how are they now reading your post to know to ask someone to help them read it? :confused:

de-de-de-de (insert Twilight Zone opening notes) :slight_smile:

It does work somehow - there are plenty of people in here who can´t read manuals, but understand posts on the forum here…

MANUAL wth is one of them :question:

In this modern age where everything is smart, intelligent (sometimes moreso than the users), automatic, the name “manual” alone seems repugnant, like a throwback to a bygone era.
The complete details of operating Cubase will one day be delivered online over a neural interface implant, and everyone will just simply “know”.