Dumb question on multi track beat mixing


Sorry for what must seem to be a stupid question!

I have used C6 to mixdown some new dance songs created with drum machines (i.e. have near perfectly consistent tempos and songs have similar tempos; 120 - 126 BPM)

I am attempting to import them into a new separate C6 project file in order to mix them into a ‘DJ Set’ at a constant BPM of 126.

I was hoping that C6 could work out the tempo so that when I imported the track into the ‘DJ Set’ project, the song would play back to the new ‘master’ tempo of the ‘DJ Set’ project and I could start beat mixing the songs together in one consistent tempo. (I.e. a song mixed down to 124 BPM would play back at 126 BPM when imported into the ‘DJ Set’ project so that I can beat mix the songs over each other at 126 BPM)

I’ve been told this is dead simple in other software packages (like Ableton Live) but was hoping I could use C6 for this purpose. (saving time and money)

Any tips would be wonderful - even if its a case of recommending alternatives to C6 as this is driving me a little cookoo! :slight_smile:


Cubase can do this. You will want to dig into the manual and read the chapter about the sample editor. In particular, look for “Warping audio” on page 272. It discusses adjusting audio to match the project tempo. The key concept is putting your audio in “Musical Mode” which means that as the project tempo changes, the audio is changed to match.

Thanks alot Jaslan - especially for being so swift in your help!

The missing link (which I have just worked out) is that when I import the song into the new DJ set project, the project assumes that the tempo of the imported song is the tempo for which I have set the DJ Set project (I guess it has to assume something!) So when this is wrong, I have to double click the BPM value in the project pool for each file and set the BPM to what it should be (i.e the original mix-down BPM) - then when the song plays back it knows to change the BPM to the master tempo.


Glad you got it working. :slight_smile: