Dummy clef

I’m trying to insert an F-clef before a repeat since the repeat section is in F-clef (actually the DC jump is also to F-clef, I have forgotten one at the end of the top system)

(sample from Sibelius, that I’m trying to do in Dorico).

I could not do this in Dorico other than the method described below. Is there a better alternative?

I tried adding a text item as “dummy clef” but it seems the F-clef is not identical to the one that Dorico use. I think DS pointed this out some ‘versions ago’. Has anything changed? Has an ‘identical’ clef been added and can be used in current version?

I don’t think you can spot the difference, but my OCD brain would like to have a proper clef.

I thought of adding a proper F-clef change and then in the next bar adding a G-clef so the Coda gets G-clef, and hide the G-clef, but that makes the Coda in F-clef. I don’t understand how Doric works here. Hiding a clef is not the same as saying “I don’t want it in effect”. If I don’t want it, I remove it, not hide it. Hiding = not showing, but ‘applying’. I think this incorrect ‘hide’ needs to be fixed.

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It’s very hard to achieve this naturally because of the semantic way Dorico works.
Starting from why the two clefs look different: it looks like your symbol is Opus and the default clef is Bravura. If you change the symbol (playing technique?) definition to use Bravura, you should solve this.

For the clef change, you can set up the rhythmic grid to 32nd notes and insert the clef change just 1/32nd before the end of the bar. But this is going to affect the playback of the second bar, as you saw. I believe there is no perfect solution right now, and I would still use the symbol.

I’m not at my computer to check, but does Dorico use the fClefSmall glyph for the reduced size clef?

The ‘textual’ F-clef is from “Music Text” and is most probably Bravura font. I don’t have Opus installed on my Dorico computer.

I’m not sure. I added text and used Music Text dialog and picked the F-clef, and changed the font size. The design is different from the one used on the staves.

Looking at the last image I posted it say U+E062 it it is likely the same as uniE062.salt03.

When I create a ‘PT’ and select F-clef it seems to pick another one (the correct one). Confusing.

You could try selecting the “small” variant and see if it matches the one Dorico is choosing:

EDIT: sorry just saw you said it’s likely the same as uniE062.salt03.

Yes, selecting F-clef from the “menu” and typing U+E062 results in the same clef, that is the normal-sized ‘stave clef’, but not the reduced version used by Dorico. It seems some algorithm replaces the normal clef with an alternative when Dorico scales down at clef change, and this version is not available from any menu.

U+E07C is the codepoint that Dorico uses for the clef change.

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Thank you!

Do you recommend using an individual text object or defining a playing technique?

I would use text, because it’s positioned relative to the beat position and can be aligned left, right or center, while playing techniques center over notes.

When I create it as text (and scale to 24.7 pt to match the true size of the ‘automatic’ clef, I get a large vertical ‘area’ that is also wide

(the 2nd clef if ‘clef change’, used to find correct size, 24.7 pt)

Is that normal?

It does not affect placement etc. as far as I can see.