Dump files Cubase 10

I am trying to send Martin a cubase 10 crash dump file .
I go to crash dumps and they are i adobe Acrobat DC format.
i try to save to send ,but Adobe say in a pop up that the file is invalid and cannot open.
I have not a clue how to send this in as i do not know what format it should be to send it
I tried word pad and notepad but it all looks like sporadic information . not like a dump file.

Any clues to what i should do here

All The Best

just send them the file by making a zip file with the dump file inside.

dmp files are not read by acrobat for sure, I think it is Windbg

Tried making a zip by by pressing send , then zip.
Again a popup saying invalid file extension.
It has beaten me how to send a crash dump file
something to do ,i am sure with the initial extension and i do not know what it should be.
Ok it is a dmp file and i have a cubase picture at the front of file .
If you double click the dmp it just opens up Cubase 10.
Frustrating to say the least,
I get ozone 9 crashing Cubase 10 ,poof disappear when switching between reference file and mine or sometimes returning to beginning.
It is random.sometimes quicker than others .
I have now put the re-image in again to see if it happens from when i made it .
Martin wants me to send in the crash file , but has not explained to me what this problem with dmp files is.
I have not got the foggiest to what is wrong here.
There must be someone who understands what i have said HOPE!!

All the Best

do you know the file extension?

because your dump files should be located something like this:

if double clicking a file and it opens up Cubase you either have wrong file or you made a file association for the dump file to Cubase.

a typical file dump should be named something like this:
Cubase 64bit 2020.7.9

then right click it and compress and email or other options depending on your software (or even some other stuff on MAC)

Hi Glen

I have put the file that does open cubase in a zip folder now and it has changed to what you are saying.
Inside the zip file it looks like what you have printed out and the Cubase symbol is gone .
It is like a blank piece of paper at the beginning to look at and a dmp file at that.
Right now i am waiting for Martin or someone who can read it…
I have it in Box.com ready to upload it to someone who wants to help. I am not famiar with dropbox yet.
Martin has not come back to me yet today.
I must admit i bumbled on a bit, Because i have never sorted a crash dump file out for anyone yet.
My system has been running great , but Ozone 9 made Cubase 10 disappear when flicking between ref track and mine for some reason. Annoying, so i saved and reopened cubase a few times , but each time it was random. I do not know whether it is wave plugs , softube etc or a bug.
Anyway, i re- imaged my computer again and now getting rid of stuff i do not use .
One thing though i noticed today was, my Focusrite first gen 6i6 had an update driver that i was unaware of. I do not know whether this has any bearing on the Ozone Cubase problem.
All Chinese to me, but i bungle through.

All the best

yeah it can be hard to figure out what is the problem sometimes.

Steinberg will read the dump files, they can figure out pretty fast what was the crash from that specific crash from that specific dmp file.

I use Ozone9-Referencetracks with Cubase 10.5 without issues.
Be sure that the track has the same samplerate as the project.
Hopefully the Dumpfile can sort things out for you.

Thanks for info. I then checked the sample rates.
Still waiting for my dump file to be read.
I did clear a lot of junk of that i did not use and i had a little trial last night and all ok so far.
This happened randomly , so i am not jumping to any conclusion until that dump file is read.
I still think that the cause is that something is interfering with Cubase, but who knows ,i am not a computer wiz.
All i do know is that Windows 10 updates can cause a lot of problems and you have to go around the block checking on what they force on you and rectifying niggles…
I always take a system Image and keep it.
A big tip is to delay the Windows updates to the max date they allow, so they have time to iron out problems. Let the guinea pigs and geeks work it out first.Lol!!
We all know about the March problems.

All the Best