DUO CORE or QUAD CORE, software determines?

Hey Folks,

I’m writing to get your opinions: I’m looking for as small a footprint as possible, but also bets bang for buck. SO…here’s the question: Does Cubase, want or even need quad core cpu’s with hyperthreading. And here’s the reason for the question:

I can go purchase an mac mini. i7 DUO CORE 3.0 (I7 - 4587U chip), with 16 GB of ram, and 1TB fusion drive for $1500 (CAD), or

I can go purchase DIY PC, i7 - 4790 (QUAD CORE w/ Hyperthreading), and motherboard, and silent heat sink, with 16GB of RAM, a new silent chassis, with silent case fans, and a 512 SSD . $1000.(CAD)

While I wouldn’t quibble about $400 spent. The question is, is more better. I’m reading that Cubase doesn’t utilize all 4 cores. And most VST’s wont’ either. So the question is why bother with a quad core, when the software won’t use it?

Any ideas?


Cubase will utilise all cores. You need a better class of reading reference. :wink:

Really need separate drives for OS and projects, and separate from any sample libraries you might have/get. That is, separate drives, not partitions. Only need 60-120GB for OS, at least 60GB for projects (though a lot more if doing videos as well), and whatever is required for libraries.

Use SSDs if you can afford them. With them, storage will never be a bottleneck. If using HDDs for lots of samples, more smaller ones is probably better than one large one, as it gives you more heads working in parallel.

If you are going to extensively use sample libraries, 32GB RAM or more is probably better.