[DUPE]8.0.2 Cannot render in place just one part of multitim

So I could do this before (8.0.1) and now it is impossible to render in place just one part of a multimbral instrument (apart from with ‘Complete signal Path’)


8 outputs of an instrument and midi tracks connected to each output. If you try and render in place just one part Cubase goes and renders all of them!

With ‘Complete signal Path’ ticked it works as expected and this is the only way to get only the single or selected parts rendered.

Same issue but with 4 part render of multi instrument. as you can see a 4 part renders as 16 audio tracks and files

Mac 10.9.5


This is a duplicated issue it has already been reported: [BON-8590]Render In Place Multiple Outputs Issue - Cubase - Steinberg Forums

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