[DUPE]Another Graphic/GUI Bug with DDMF LP10 EQ Plugin

Problem with DDMF EQ Plugin LP10 CM (Computer Music Magazine) version (,
but with LP10 demo of full version too. I renamed the plugin LP10_demo (
to distinguish between the CM version and the demo version. So mine is
called LP10_demo(.dll).

64 bit, only Cubase 8.0 pro. 7.5.30 works fine.

  1. download DDMF LP10 demo http://www.ddmf.eu/plugins/LP10Demo.zip and put plugin lp10.dll
    into your VST folder if you don’t have this one
  2. start cubase 8 pro, make sure that the LP10 plugin is available.
  3. start a new project, for example: new project -> production -> rock production
  4. open the mixer (F3) if not already open.
  5. click on of the output channel (mine is called Stereo Out)
  6. insert the EQ plugin LP10 for example on 2. insert.
  7. try so select for Band 1 any kind of filter type (second left , lower), see DDMF_LP10_demo_graphics_bug.jpg

I can’t select a filter. Graphics are buggy. Please fix it, thank you.

Workaround: unselect LP10 plugin settings “Immer im Vordergrund” (German) => “Always on Top” (English)
see DDMF_LP10_always_on_Top_unselected.jpg

OS: Win 7-64
SW: cubase pro 8.0 64bit
HW: Q6600, 8GB RAM, RME HDSP9632 w. latest driver


this is the same issue discussed here: http://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=230&t=69953

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