[DUPE]Can anyone run more than 50 audio tracks @ 88.2


Can anyone run more than 50 audio tracks @ 88.2 ?

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Yes… I have run 120+ tracks with many VST plugins and VSTI’s too. I have PLENTY of room for more as well. I have not had any glitches or hangups or crashes while working with high track counts at that sample and bit rate.

Can you run 120+ stereo different audio tracks at the same time without the asio meter spiking at 88.2 ?

Yes! My personal record is 54 32-bit floating point stereo tracks (combination .wav and MIDI, mostly MIDI) in an attempt to create an orchestral medley of my works over the years (running time to date: about 8:10). The performance and ASIO meters don’t even break a sweat.

It is important to note that this piece is NOT a series of loops that switch on and off here and there: the majority of tracks are playing continuously from beginning to end (with the exception of the moments where there is no need for a particular instrument to be doing anything).

There has been no need for me to scale back on effects and/or track automation as has been the case in the past; however, part of the reason for this freedom has to do with the extras I built into my current PC, and the remainder has to do with the improvements I have seen in every new incarnation of Cubase. I began many years ago with Cubase 3.7 VST, which was impressive at the time, but …

There have been occasions over the years where I have consciously tried to “break” the software - believing that if I made a certain change to a project (especially when it was playing), the system would freeze up, grind to a halt, or send me to Blue Screen of Death Land. No such luck - it was as if Steinberg was thinking of jerks like me during those moments, and consciously thwarted my attempts to demonstrate a perceived weakness in advance. Their excellent work is why I have stayed with them all the way to Cubase 7.5.1!!!

THIS is the multitrack system which has existed only in my dreams for so many decades. It has been a fantastic ride so far, and I have no intention of hopping off the train anytime soon.

However, I wonder why there would be any need to record in 88.2 - while I can understand and respect your desire to capture every possible nuance of the frequency spectrum, in the end, who is going to hear the difference? Just curious.

All the best in your musical journey! :smiley:

neglorpf please try this and let me know ?

please do the following test:

  1. open a new project

  2. project setup 88.2 and 32 bit float

  3. import 50 stereo tracks and convert or conform them all to above project setup setting

  4. solo one track and play only one track back

  5. what happens ?

  6. try the same in 6.5 ? what happens ?

Yeah, I attempted running at 88.2/32 bit - results were disappointing. Tried it on C6.5, 7 and 7.5 - no good. Oh well - I don’t have any work that demands such a standard, but it was fun to try.

Thx !


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