[DUPE]Can't open sub-menus in Fxpansion's Geist

I am using CP 8.05 and find that I cannot open any of the sub-menus in Fxpansion’s Geist. The overall plug-in seems to operating correctly - but access to drop down sub-menus is impossible.

Steps to reproduce :

  1. Create project
  2. Create Instrument Track with Geist.
  3. Load a kit or engine or preset.
  4. Attempt to open the sub-menus under “Load”, “Save” or “Geist”…nothing. Alternately, go into a Pad section; attempt to open the trigger menu (ie., one-shot, loop, gated…etc) - options are visible, but you can’t actually select anything.

I’m on W7 64, 3770K, 16gb, radeon HD7770.