[Dupe]Channel Strip De-Esser Crashes Project

Hi Guys,

I’m opening up a bunch of projects from 7.5 and when I try to use the new “De-Esser” as part of the channel strip, it causes the program to crash 100% of the time in every project (I’ve tried about 20).

Sometimes the crash is immediately when I add the De-Esser, and sometimes it’s when I hit the playback of the track after adding it. It also happens when using either no insert FX, or any insert FX (Steinberg or 3rd party).

I’m on OS X
Mountain Lion 10.8.5
Cubase 8.0.0

[MOD EDIT: Issue linked to Steinberg Forums - internal reference number is BON-6088]

Confirmed here too. Win 7 64 bit. I managed to repeat it several times. One on occasion it didn’t crash Cubase but rendered the strip de-esser completely unresponsive.

Hello already reported and fixed for the next patch:

Thanks Fabio - couldn’t find that thread!

Rock on.

You are welcome - it is in the Collected Issues Forum already.
But no worries, better twice than never :wink:

Or next next patch.

I’ll make sure none of my clients sing with “s” lyrics until then!

Hello James,

for the time being, could you stick to Andreas’ recommendation to use 1024 buffer size or lower?

Thank you!

I think I can get away with 1024, Fabio, yes, thanks for the tip.

I will try this out at the studio tomorrow and report back, just in case somebody finds this post via our Google overlords.

Confirmed - works great with 1024 buffer.

It’s a really good de-esser!

Thanks for reporting, James. And glad you like it :slight_smile: