[DUPE]Small annoyance report

I love the update, though I’ve come across a pair of things worth mentioning, all on Window 7 64 bit.

  • The new windows in Cubase 8 don’t take into account the REAL border padding configured in the system. The default border padding is 4 but you can change it to any other value. Cubase 8 draws the borders always width a padding of 4, and this causes 2 problems: first, lack of coherency with the rest of the windows in the system, and second, if you have set the width to less than 4 (say for example zero, like me) you’ll see graphical glitches in the borders of the windows drawn in Cubase, and also the inability to drag upper border of the windows to change its size.

  • I still use white colour for the background of the editors and main window. Cubase 8 draws the items being dragged in a way that can’t be seen if the background colour is white, which is a real problem specially in the key editor. Also a selected automation points is really hard to see in the default bakground colour.

Correct, confirming this @ Win7 64. The padding thing was driving me crazy, as I had it set to smallest value to get rid of the huge window borders (on C7.5x worked all good). I guess now the workaround is… to set it back to default value again : ) Will check how it works on Win8.1 too. Other than this and few other minor glitches - great update anyway. GUI feels faster too imo.

Not really big fan of that new floating “main window/toolbar” solution tho, sometimes acts up when you switch windows with Win+Tab

Was wondering what’s causing the rendering bug, but this is it. I have the padding at 0 and get the vertical lines.

I, too, have set registry WindowMetrics/BorderWidth:0 and PaddedBorderWidth:0 (as explained here for example)

I’m on a 3-Screen-System and can not drag the mixer top left of non-main.screens. Trying to do so always moves the window caption down some pixels. Also, I can not resize Cubase windows by dragging the window captions top border. And I get render issues on all four window borders top, bottom, left, right.

yeah Border’s default value should fix this. Maybe also title-bar size can help in some cases

I hate the window borders in Win8, they need to be as thin as possible!
Steinberg, please write Windows compatible software!

And: What happened to the other thread? Gone?

could you update the original topic header please (if possible) and maybe file an official bug report?