Duplet and incorrect? time signature?

Hello everyone,

Just purchased Dorico Pro 2.2 and loving it. It scared me at first but I fell in love with it immediately. That said, it stopped me dead in my tracks for—what I would otherwise deem super-easy note input—when I tried to enter notes in an ?/8 time signature bar. Say my time sig. is 4//8. Why isn’t Dorico allowing me to have one 8th note and a duplet? Instead, it gives me a crotchet (quarter note) and 8th duplet. Surely that can’t be correct considering time signature. It’s driving me crazy. Am I missing something? Please see attached. When I click (once) on that crotchet, in my notes panel on the left, 8th note is selected?? What the… :cry:

Many thanks in advance.

Welcome Igor. Firstly, are you aware that Dorico 3 is now out, and (if you really did just buy Dorico 2.2) you’re entitled to the upgrade, free? See https://www.steinberg.net/en/support/grace_period.html for details.

Now, how exactly are you inputting your three notes? What are you doing differently to me?

I might be wrong, but it looks as though you have not input things the right way…

  1. Invoke Note entry (shift-N) at the start of your 4/8 bar
  2. Press 5 and b
  3. Invoke the tuplets popover, write 2:3
  4. Press b twice.
    That should work.
    [Edit] Thanks Leo for the gif, we made it exactly the same way ^^

Unlike some other notation software, in Dorico you enter “duration before pitch” not “pitch before duration”.

The default duration is a quarter note, so that might explain why you are getting " a crotchet (quarter note) and 8th duplet" - you need to select note entry, then set the 8th note duration before you enter the first note.


Thank you all so very much. I’m very grateful.
All your instructions make sense but it still doesn’t want to give me a single 8th note. Before I started entering any notes, I had my time sig. as 4/8, then I selected 8th note and entered note B-natural. It gives me a crotchet. Even if I exit caret, I select that note and but tools on the left show it as a crotchet.
Interestingly enough, in my older exercise file, it works fine. See screenshot pls. But with each new doc. I can’t get it to work. It really does seem like some sort of a flaw. I hope I’m wrong.
I’ve attached some more screengrabs as I was inputing notes. Hmmm… :frowning:

Screen Shot 2019-09-27 at 8.48.05 pm.png

What Music Font are you using? Have you restarted your computer since installing Dorico? This looks to me like a font issue rather than a glitch with Dorico itself - the length of the stems etc. indicates that you’re using something non-standard.

Only font I changed is for Project Title, nothing else. And I have no issue in my older file from few days ago.
Basically, 8th note looks like a quarter note, that’s it. I made stems little longer in the settings.


Zip up the project that gives the issue, and attach it here. A project just containing that one bar will do the job.

Many thanks. So when I select that first quarter note, the 8th note lights up on the left in the note tool box. It thinks it’s an 8th note. Time signature confirms it too.
Best of luck.
TEST.dorico.zip (403 KB)

Go to Engraving Options > Notes > Stems and set “Flag design” to use “Default Flags”. Then Apply. Then set it back to “Straight Flags”.
I’m not quite sure how the flags managed to go missing, but this definitely brings them back, here.

Wow! How do I thank you. It worked. Thank you so very much!!! Strange but it worked. Much appreciated. Have a lovely day. :smiley:

No problemmo. I don’t know why it works either, I’m afraid, but leave the test file where it is - if somebody from the development team sees this (which they will!), it might help them catch a bug :slight_smile:

Good point. Take care my friend. :wink:

Thank you. It appears I’m not eligible to the upgrade without paying $150 Aud. Do you think it’s too early to upgrade? Are there any “issues” with 3 at all?


With any luck somebody from the team will reach out. If you bought after the first week of August then (unless you bought second-hand) you’re eligible for the free update. As far as I’m aware there’s no good reason not to update.

There are always “some” issues in new software, even if they only affect certain users. You can get an idea what they are by scanning other threads on this forum. Still, I have to say the Dorico Team are very responsive to get folks running smoothly as quickly as possible if there are difficulties. Some of us have not encountered any at all.

When to upgrade is, ultimately, your decision. I’m glad I did.

igororlic, please feel free to email me at d dot spreadbury at steinberg dot de including your proof of purchase and I’ll be happy to help you out if I can.

Hi Daniel,
Thank you most kindly. I’ve just sent you an email.


There are “issues” with every piece of software. The question is whether they affect what your personally want to use it for!

Historically, there have been several free “minor” upgrades in between the “major” ones (i.e. Dorico 2 and Dorico 3)

Also, if you upgrade to D3 you can still run D2. The only restriction is that you can’t run both at the same time on one computer.

So unless you plan not to upgrade at all (or wait for Dorico 4) you don’t have much to lose by doing it now (except for the upgrade cost).