Duplicate clip shortcut?

Is there a similar function in W10 as Cubase’s duplicate command? I’d like to be able to duplicate a clip flush right to the original using a hotkey.

I know we can drag using the top right but it’s a free form paste unlike in Cubase how it automatically lines up next to the original clip as you drag.


Did you try the “Repeat Clip” option found in the Edit Ribbon Tab of the montage? You can program your own key command for this. I can’t recall for sure if there is a factory default command or not, but it’s easy to program one.

See attachments.

Thanks Justin.

Is there a way to just have it immediately duplicate to the right without a dialogue? In Cubase if I need 3 copies I can just hit control-D three times in succession and quickly get what I need.

I guess I can set it to 1 copy and place after the clip then hit my shortcut plus enter after to execute and then the shortcut and enter again for each time I need.

Or shortcut, tab, number, then enter. Just a little more cumbersome than hitting the same key command but will get used to it.

PG has mentioned making presets in these types of windows directly accessible with a shortcut but I can’t say for sure if it will happen in a future update.

I could be wrong but I think for now you have to do it the way you’ve described, but maybe PG or somebody will know of a fast way. I get what you’re saying though, I used to do this a lot in Pro Tools in my recording/mixing/production days to easily loop a part.

The Repeat Clip function can’t be assign a shortcut to make it as a single operation.
Just curious: what works are you doing that would benefit from such a shortcut (shortcuts are used for frequent operations).