Duplicate Cubase

Hi Everyone.

I wonder if somebody could answer the following question for me:

I have my main Cubase 7 & Associated Stenberg products running on my home PC. However I travel a great deal and would love to have my DAW set-up with me at all times…

(a) Would I be breaking any rules (for example conflict of licence agreements) if I additionally loaded up my existing Stenberg products onto my laptop?

(b) I realise I will need to have my elicencer / dongle with me if I am to use Steinberg products on my laptop. Is it possible for me to purchase an additional dongle (available from the Steinberg shop) and duplicate my existing licences onto this? This would mean I could leave my existing dongle safely at home and have second dongle for my laptop - if I lost or damaged this one it wouldn’t be a major issue.

Be very grateful for any advice.

Many Thanks

you can have your c7 setup on up to 3 computers , so as long as you have your dongle with you , your ready to rock :wink:

you are only allowed one licence which means one dongle , if you want two dongles then that means you buy two licences

What use was the USB protection key protecting a 600 € software, if you could simply duplicate the protection to several keys for 20 €…?
Licenses can only be transferred, not copied - one license can only be on one dongle at a time.

yes one licnce can only be on one dongle and it will cost you the price of the software again to use 2 dongles at once , you can not duplicate them .