[Duplicate] Cubasis 3.2 Update - arranging clips glitch -

First off I do love using Cubasis as it’s my go to for developing/finishing tracks. That being said I’ve run into a glitch with the latest update 3.2. When I move around/arrange audio or midi clips the audio/midi that was selected starts to move around the screen as if having a mind of its own. I have tried to adjust the latency and multi core latency but have so far not been able to avoid this glitch. This makes editing a track cumbersome. I’ve had to copy and paste where I want stuff to go and even then you still really need to have the ability to move your clips around.

I have restarted my iPad and Cubasis itself but to no avail. I am currently running a 2020 iPad Pro 11. I have decided to try and update to 14.3 as I was having this issue with my device being at 14.2. Just trying to go though my options.

Any help/suggestions on this would be amazing, Or has anyone else experienced this?

Duplicate, read here: Cubasis 3.2 bug - #4 by LSlowak