duplicate instr not showing up in orch score

Hello -

I’ve just started using Dorico - trial - and I love it!

Perhaps someone could help me. I imported an xml from Cubase and these are some of the problems:

  1. Dorico loads either flutes or pianos to all players. Is there a way to do this more sensibly, rather than manually changing each instrument?
  2. The 4 french horns were in two staves which meant that Dorico assumed it was a piano part. I changed the instrument to french horns and the two staves with 4 players collapsed into one single stave with all four horns. I figured I needed a workaround, so I duplicated this french horn part and planned on deleting horns 3&4 from the top stave and 1&2 from the bottom stave. Unfortunately, the duplicated part does not show up in the score.

As you can see from the screenshot:
I’m on the setup page,
the Full Score is selected under Layouts
F Hns 3&4 is shown in its proper place under Players and is checked
F Hns 3&4 do NOT show up in the score in the center of the screen.

Does anyone have any idea what I’m doing wrong?

Thanks for any help. This program is terrific.

You need to make sure horn 3&4 is assigned to the flow. Right-click the instrument -> flows -> include player in all flows. You can also do it from the flow panel (cmd+8)

If you are not seeing staves (particularly empty ones) switch to Galley View; that should show all staves available.