duplicate instruments in Setup Mode

I know it has been discussed here, but I can not find it…
I have setup Dorico in English with instrument names to be in Italian (if that is of any importance).
In Setup Mode I get offered the same instrument twice in some cases, and I do not know, which one to choose.
Example: if I want to add a double bass there are two instances under Strings: ‘Contrabasso’ and ‘Contrabasso’
Why is this? Is this a bug?
Can I somehow clean up the instrument name database?
Thank you for help or explanation.

You can’t “clean up” the database.

The English list has both a “Double Bass” and a “Contrabasso” in the String section.

Unfortunately in the Italian list BOTH versions are translated as “Contrabasso”, so you get “Contrabasso” twice.

(I may have the exact names wrong, but the reason is definitely correct.)

thank tou pianoleo, this explains it.