Duplicate Items in Output Routing Menu with 22+ Outputs

When more than 21 outputs are defined in Cubase > Studio > Audio Connections… > Outputs, the Output Routing menu in the Project window shows duplicate entries for all buses with multiple outputs. Reducing outputs to 21 or fewer restores normal operation.

  1. Create an empty project
  2. Add an audio track
  3. Navigate to Studio > Audio Connections… > Outputs
  4. Add buses until the total number of output channels is 22 or more
  5. In the Project window, click the Output Routing drop-down in the Inspector for the previously added audio track
  6. Note duplicate entries in drop-down menu

I’m using Cubase v9.5.10 Build 97 (64 bit) on Windows 10 Professional.

Attached are screen captures demonstrating the problem.

I havent given this any thought, but there Is a line ruler in the dropdown window. Go past XX lines, and the ruler will fold the multi channel options and apply a select for the multi channel. Saving some lines for each multi option. Less to scroll and more connections showing.
And the ± expand/collapse tree will start working.

Im so used to the folded view, I dont think about it at all.


By any chance, do you use Cubasis Importer?

I have it.

Is there a potensial bug, by having it installed and using it?


Yes, this is an known issue. You even don’t need 22+ Outputs. It’s (sometimes) reproducible even with one Stereo Out only (and loading Cubasis project).


Well I uninstalled the extention. Cleaned it from win registry and cleaned prefs.
Did not make any difference here. When ever I go passed 25 lines ish. The stereo routings, start to fold. Same with or without that importer.

It might be a bug that the Tree activate before XX- lines are used. But with several outputs. The Tree will activate. So your stereo channels get a mono folder. If it is not wanted, It should be added as a preference option.

No. For the record, I have never installed nor otherwise used the Cubasis Importer.

I hope this is helpful.


Maybe I misunderstood your original post. What kind of “duplicate entries” do you mean? Do you mean one as a bus and another one as a unfolded menu entries (“folders”)?

Yes, so, for example, if you look at the attached output_dropdown_2.png in my original post, you’ll see two entries labeled “Surround Out.” One has a carat with nested elements (minimized in this screenshot) and the other does not. As far as I can tell, the non-carat entry is redundant.

Compare this to output_dropdown_1.png, where “Surround Out” appears just once.

This is just a guess, but I wonder if Cubase is trying to manage screen real estate by presenting one type of view - let’s call it the “clean view” - when there’s sufficient space, and another type of view - let’s call it the “nested view” - when things get more cramped. It’s a useful UI feature except that the nested view has a bug in it whereby top-level entries are duplicated. Maybe?