Duplicate Layout?

I set up my Layout with small margins so that it displays well in ForScore on my iPad. I now added another Layout with larger margins for print, but I can’t find a way to propagate all changes I made in my iPad-Layout. Select all is not available in Engrave, stem directions are not propagated…

What am I doing wrong?

There isn’t currently a dedicated “duplicate layout” feature – see this thread with almost exactly the same title posted just a few hours before your identical one (please search before posting if you can) – but you should find that using Propagate Part Formatting copies more or less all of your formatting choices to your other layout. You may also find it useful to use Propagate Properties to copy individual changes like stem direction to all layouts, though please be aware that the operation of this feature is changed significantly in Dorico 3.5, so if you are using the new version, you should read the section in the Dorico 3.5 Version History about the changes to the Properties system to get a better understanding of how to work with the new tools.