[DUPLICATE] Lost Cubasis Project - DAMM!

Love cubasis but always hate not having a save button. Now i really hate it. Turn on my cubasis today and my entire project is missing. It opens with the previous file i was working on. This is a weeks work here!!! Q

  1. Where can I look to find it on my iPad?

  2. How can i prevent this heart attack situation in the future?

  3. Can we just have a save button or project back up button one touch. I really hate just leaving it. Maybe I’m doing it wrong.

Thanks for the help!

finally someone with the same issue.ive had it happen to me twice this month.now all I can do is to occupy space on my iPad with many snapshots of almost every mini change I make just in case the app crashses…and unfortunately you r project is gone,I tried looking through the folders in Files app but not luck.

Hi joeriki,

Thanks for your message.

Cubasis projects are automatically saved at all times.
Additionally, the snapshot function allows to create a carbon copy of a project, which doesn’t get altered.

Did you see a message that the project could not be loaded, when launching Cubasis?

In addition, please check if your project can be found in these locations:

(1) Projects (Media/Projects)
This is the location where Cubasis projects are stored.

(2) Trash (Media/Trash)
If a Cubasis projects gets deleted, it will be moved to the Trash directory.

(3) Apple Files app
Apple’s Files app allows to browse the complete Cubasis app directory.
If (1) + (2) fails, please

  • launch the Files app
  • tap “On My iPad”
  • tap “Cubasis” and “Projects”

In “Projects” please check, if your project can be found in the list.
If the project can be found, please tap on it and let us know which files are included in the project folder.
In addition, please let us know if the backup folder holds files as well, and which are these.

Hope that helps.


Hello there Lars.ive already done all that before reporting the issue.there is no trace of the project.checked all the folders but no luck

Hi John1289,

Sorry, but we haven’t seen lost projects so far (at least these appear in the trash folder).

Is it possible that you’ve deleted or moved files in the Files app, leading to the lost project afterwards?
If not, were specific 3rd party apps involved in that project or do you remember unusual things or steps?


Hi all,

Please have a look at our reply in the following topic, which is similar to this issue.