Duplicate plugin AND automation to another track


I was wondering if it is possible to Duplicate (drag) a plugin from one channel to another WITH the automation without me having to find the automation parameter in the drop down menu, press Read, copy the automation from the other track, paste the automation…

Example, I have made a filter automation on one track and I want to use the same filter on another track. Can I skip the process mentioned above?
Ableton has this feature and its a time saver…

Thank you


My First solution is duplicate the track

Haven’t found a solution other than copying-pasting automation lanes, manually, unfortunately.
Hopefully I missed something, but most likely Cubase doesn’t work that way.
For other daws (like PT) that’s default behavior.

Like Italyuser says, duplicate the track. Then you have to drag the audio/midi file onto it.

One other way would be to go to your mixconsole and drag the bottom of the source track and drop it on the destination track. That will copy all the track plugins and settings except the automation info. That would have to be dragged over separately.

Duplicating the track copies all of it. You just have to drag your audio/midi to it.

Yes, I’m aware of the options you mention, however, its just a very tedious task.

The problem/issue is if I have made alot of changes on the track (eq, comp, etc) I also have to copy these over afterwards.

All I’m saying that it SHOULD be a drag n drop feature. Not a 10-click procedure…

Oh, so you’re speaking of just one plugin and its automation from one track to another? Don’t know if that’s possible in Cubase.

copy plugins plus automation from audio to instrument, group or send track and vice versa is number one on my wishlist for a cubase update.


Really hope they add this functionality soon. Coming from PT it’s second nature to work this way.


Same here. :grinning: