Duplicate recording

I have two tracks, the first one is empty and the second with the some music
I’m starting to record the second track (guitar)

Expected: Recording only guitar, but i can hear the second track playing till im recording
Actual: Recording all tracks on the 1st, overlapping each other

If i playback two tracks simultaneously i have the same situation.

What did i do wrong?

Zoom UAC-2 + Cubase LE 9.0.30 build 266
Zoom UAC-2 ASIO Driver, Input In2 mono, Output Stereo
Windows 10

i have almost the same problem!
i chose the template on HUB (piano and vocal) so i put some music on piano track so i was trying to sing on vocal track so after recording i realize the music is recorded on the vocal track too !!!it suppose to be just my voice not music!!!and i was trying to fix this problem but no chance to fix so i m searching on the forum to see maybe i found some solution

I have the same problem . The only work around which is not ideal is to record on mono 1 and move the pan on stereo output to the right . Make sure only mono i slider is used the mono 2 and stereo in should be at minimum,
That way i at least get a clean record onto the audio track On my latest project ali my backing was midi and output through Halion SE and it still bled onto the audio track I was recording if i didn't make these adsustments I' m running Cubase elements 9 through a mid 10 iMac with a UR 22 mk 11 interface. You dont seem to get these sort of Problems in Garageband I cant believe its only th ethree of us who have this problem

Hi all,

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Eureka . Go to Devices >Device Setuup > Control Panel > Open Config App Then uncheck Loopback . This should solve the problem

Well, i guess you have another gear. Opened mine Control panel there ->

only this i have