Duplicate selected area (by bar, 2 bars etc.)

Hello, I am facing an issue with duplicate flow. Let’s consider a scenario where I have created a one-bar groove and I want to duplicate it multiple times. However, when there are no notes at the start or end of a bar, it becomes challenging to duplicate the next bar and place it in the desired position because it will appear at the end of the last note. Is there a quick method to select a range within a bar and duplicate its notes into the next bar? Please see an illustration below. Thank you.

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I think this functionality is missing in Cubase. I have been looking for it myself for a long time. We don’t have a Range tool in the MIDI editors.

The closest I came to build such a function myself is using the Logical Editor:

The disadavantages are that you have to adjust the position values in the preset to your current needs (clumsy) and that you have to reposition the play cursor for every copy.
That’s why I continue to use the mouse.


Another blind (and not flexible) way is to make a Macro:

  • Edit > Copy
  • Edit > Paste at Origin
  • Nudge 1 Bar Right

Maybe another way to do so is the following, in the Key Editor :

  • Be sure that Snap to grid is active.
  • Set the Quantize value to 1/1
  • Select the involved notes
  • Move the selected notes to the right while maintaining the Alt key pressed (Opt with OSX, I think…).

EDIT - correction (thanks @Johnny_Moneto…) : the snap should be set as Grid relative, not Grid.

In the In-Place Editor, you can use Range tool.


Sorry, that doesn’t work. The first note will be placed on the grid.

That works very nicely. You select the range and use the Duplicate function to make the copies. Awesome, thanks.

Yep… I often use this trick on my end, but indeed, the @shtreebun picture doesn’t tie the first note to the grid.

Back to the work bench… :pensive:

With “Grid Relative” and the mouse it works with your method. However, the key command fails.

Ha, that’s it ! I should have stated Grid Relative instead of Grid. Correction done, thanks… :slightly_smiling_face:

Beside this, I can’t get @Accel0001 method to work : here, the Duplicate function paste the range copy immediatly after the original, no matter if Grid or Grid relative is set, and the range tool acts accordingly to the Quantize value (a whole bar is selected if the Quantize is 1/1)…

Thanks a lot Accel0001, that is a perfect solution! So are the others for the suggestions. Cubase has it all, haha . Here is he demo how easy is works :blush:

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