Duplicate selection in arrange as shuffle - is it possible ?

if you hold ctrl shift make a selection then hold shift and delete it shuffles everything back to the playhead, very useful

similarly is it possible to duplicate a selction with ctrl D, and push everything forward to accommodate it (shuffle). this would be very useful too and cos they have 1 i’d expect they have the other? but i cant seem to figure out how.


I think what you’re needing is two commands after you’ve selected the range:

  1. Copy (Ctrl-C, Cmd-C, etc.)
  2. EditMenu->Range->PasteTime (Ctrl-Shift-V on my system, but this may not be the default)

This inserts what you’ve copied at the start of the selected range and it all shuffles up, effectively duplicating the selection area. If you want to insert at the cursor then make sure you dont’ have a range selected. You can insert in a different place on the timeline by moving the range selection or cursor of course.

I use this method to change song arrangements, e.g. double choruses, add another verse, halve 2nd middle 8 to increase pace of song, add 2 extra beats for a pause etc. if I’m after testing various arrangements then I’ll use the arranger track and then flatten.