Duplicate track: Can't "uncouple" the audio between them

Hi -

I’ve just lately noticed: If I duplicate a track, then mess with the audio on the duplicated track, the changes occur on the original audio as well. This includes moving and deleting (this last one caused me a big headache this weekend, as I didn’t notice that for quite some time).

This happens even after I bounce/replace the copied audio.

I’m completely vexed by this one, I would swear it never used to be like this, maybe I unintentionally changed a preference? … but after looking through what I thought were the likely suspects can’t find which one … :frowning:

Can someone point me please to where I can “uncouple” them? It’s driving me nuts!

Thanks much -

(PS - interesting (to me, anyway!), VariAudio tuning changes is the only process I have found that doesn’t happen on the original audio when I make the change on the copied audio. Weird! … ?)


Thank you, Jaslan, very much!

When duplicating a whole track, I hope I can just lasso all the audio bits in there and apply the command just once. But either way, at least there is a way - thanks again!