Duplicate track changes original sound


I have a question about when I “duplicate tracks” (a track duplication) …it results in the sound being different from the track monitored sound I had on the original track. For example, I may have recorded a clip, then decided to duplicate the track, and then I go about deleting the copied audio file from the duplicated track (so I can go about recording a second part), but then with the aim of using all the setting the original track preserves such as eq, plug in settings, and chain sends/destination levels etc.

My problem ultimately is, once I duplicate my track so I can turn on the monitor in the track and acquire the same sound,it does not do this (it does keep the plug in and even all the eq looks visually identical, but the sound not as smooth because something is not maintained in the newly duplicated track.

I means I cannot/or at least for now gave up the right to record a second take for the channel audio track I had I was working on.
A work around I had used but it was growing ever more tiresome was creating a new audio track> and then ensuring all my bus’s > destination sends/levels> plug ins> and eq’s were matched up so I could imitate the sound of the first orginal track (i had spent such time working to perfect etc…)

So my question …IS there something I am missing here, has something changed when it comes to duplicating tracks, or is there just a problem otherwise whereby the pc’s and the sound card, along with vst connect are not keeping up with the demands of a track duplication…or…is it something else such as a procedural/process step I am supposed to do to make sure the duplicated track is ready to go as expected.

Thanks for your help, kindly…AJ

Your method should work just fine. How is the sound “different” on that duplicated track?

When you play the original audio (that’s being duplicated when you first duplicate the track), does it sound the same or different than the original track?

Hi Timo00, Well it is not necessarily playing back a recording or imported audio, it is more the real time monitoring of the track , influenced by and solely by the tracks parameters ie eq, levels, plug ins, destination send levels etc.
In reference to the sound difference, it is not like the monitoring is massively different in sound, but it is significant enough for me to understand I should not record like that because it would destruct my production…hope that makes sense man.
Regards, AJ

Direct monitoring is using the hardware only for monitoring, so the monitored signal isn’t really going through the DAW. This enables low latency monitoring.
If you need to hear the edited signal after the channel strip in Cubase you need to disable direct monitoring.
Keep in mind, the latency can go very high and makes it hard to play with the correct timing.

If you want to record with effects (amp sim) you can add these to the input strip and all added insert FX will make it into the recorded file.

Hi, i hear what you are saying, but mostly i am using my cubase with sound on the interface to capture the sound effects, so i hardly even use that old setting , mostly because i cannot ascertain the changes i am making with the plug in parameters, overall the latency is quite managable for me, i know there is a bit of latecy at times and where i prefer it to be sitting about 6milliseconds or so lately that has been more inclined to be higher because of tge increased sample buffer rate being a bit higher + selection of ‘stable’ being initiated by me in the ur 12 control panel ( as oppossed to ‘normal, or llow latency), i guess i was doing this because cubase 12 a little bit more than cubase 11 (for some reason unbeknown to me i was getting flooded with cpu overload pop up windows affecting my ability to edit in real time undisturbed. That has calmed down now a bit that overload and it may be because a combination of ‘steinberg power scheme’ & high asio gaurd being activated’. Nlot sure if any of those have anythung to do what so ever with affecting my need to create a new track fro m scratch just if i want a second take track to blend in any patches of instrument errors in the original tracks recording.

Anyway, hope that makes sense, anyone else got any ideas…

P.s i know alot of people these days are just recording, and the letting heir sound engineers master the vst re amp process afterwards, but i still like to get my amp sounds sorted wuthin cubase using plug ins which is why duplicating tracks is so important because i need to be able to carry on where i am uo to with all the settings of the first audio track, but in an expansive mind way of working i might want to add different fx tracks to the duplicates for special paets of the song so different effects can app,y to different parts of each song.

Any possabilities all welcomed…annd thanks for your input st10ss.
Kund regards,

Just to make sure: You are using “Duplicate Tracks” from the Project menu (Shift + D), not “Duplicate Version”?
There is not much room for user error. Changing sounds can result from deletion of automation data or different trigger of phases if you use such plugins in your chain.

Since none of us has noticed such a problem so far maybe we should take a look at your insert and sends FX chain. Can you provide a screenshot of the channel settings (the “e” icon on the track)?

Hi Johnny,
Thanks for asking.
The only thing I can think of off the top of my head would be either some mismatch (kind of like you say phase difference of plug in) …I am thinking along the lines potentially of being the panning of microphones the master out of the fader in a guitar rig type plug in, they were panned left at the time, but I am only speculating as I cannot see it right this second, i may be able to get back the computer i use in about 15 hours or so. I just imagine though that the balance panners in the plug would naturally duplicate and keep the panning and balance positions, but if not that could be a cause, just dont think so, the same could go for the panning of the duplicate track. I imagine a cubase duplicate track may or may not duplicate the panning position, i assume it does…, however I will report back, just cant acces my pc for today that has cubase on it.
I can provide a screenshot of insert and send fx chain, but again it will have to be later on when i get back.
Thanks for asking Johnny,

Oh p.s… definately not using ‘track version’ dont even have access to that feature, i just right click on the track and select duplicate track…be in touch soon

What I would do to narrow this down is to duplicate a track, and put the same audio event (recording) on both tracks, and see if you can hear any differences. If you can’t, then you can be assured that your routing/FX chain in Cubase isn’t the culprit.

Yes hi Timo00,
I just did a recording on one track , and then duplicated track. Then tested both the duplicated recording with the sound not good, and also then tried dragging the clip from the original into the duplicated track (after deleting the copied clip from the duplicated track, the result was the same. The solution, or only solution it seems, is to re calibrate my control panel of the sound buffering samples, Any change to the control panel in sound device sample buffer fixes the audio eq, and it plays and sounds as it should.

It’s a pity I have to go to that extent to achieve that. I can live with that i guess. It seems to tie in more closely to the other issue I had which I posted another questions about having to re calibrate my eq’s,

Again, it seems closely related to the need to reconfigure the sound device audio buffer samples to anything other, as the process of reloading the sound device in the control panel seems to provide the necessary help to push the tracks on their way to reading right.

Adrian (ps the picture will likely of be any assistance, it just shows a plug in or two and the two tracks side by side with the send levels anyway. …)

Glad you have found a workaround! To me, it seems there may be some issue with the audio driver (if it needs “kicking” via changes in the sound control/device panel to fix itself). I’d check to make sure that the very latest version of it is installed, that may help. Good luck!