Duplicate Tracks

Is it possible to duplicate a track to more than one other track.? E.G. in Pro Tools you can type in how many copies of a track you want.
Or at least: is it possible to Copy/Drag’n’Drop an instrument from one channel to another like you can do with inserts? Or is it possible to insert the same Instrument on multiple tracks at once? Sorry a lot of questions, I’m coming from Pro Tools.


In the Add Track (Instrument Track in this case), you can set the Count. If you set it to 2, 4, 8…, this will add 2, 4, 8… Instrument Tracks with the very same VSTi.

You cannot set the number of Duplicates.

You could use a Key Command to quickly duplicate the Track multiple times. By default it doesn’t have an assigned Keystroke. It’s at Key Commands>Project>Duplicate Tracks. If you regularly need to duplicate Tracks by a specific number you could create a Macro to do that and assign a Key Command to it. If you want to duplicate by different amounts you might find it quicker to have a Macro that makes more duplicates than you’ll need and then just Select & Delete the excess Tracks. But as Martin pointed out there is no dialog to ask how many duplicates to make.

I somehow think you’re interested mostly in duplicating the selected instrument to a new track.
So, as @Martin.Jirsak suggested, sure, you can have multiple tracks formed with just one addInstrument and then provide the number of new tracks, while following @raino 's suggestion, and if you’re not interested in the content of these new tracks, you can also use multiple times (or even one) the default macro “Duplicate Selected Tracks without Data”, instead of the “Duplicate Tracks”.