Duplicate whole Loop with time

Hello everyone,

ist there any possiblity to duplicate the whole loop in Cubase?

I came from Ableton where this function is possible (CMD + D).

Thanks in advance

sure, there are various ways
something like

Activate the Range tool

Select in Loop

would work.

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the problem is that this function doesn’t duplicate the time so you will overlap the events


Please be more technically specific in your question. Remember, we are not inside your head. (at least I think we’re not)

I presume you need the functions Copy, then Edit>Range>Paste Time instead of Duplicate.

Activate the Range tool

Select in Loop
Locate Selection End
Activate Select Tool ← maybe not needed
Paste Time

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Don’t be too hard to me :slight_smile: I’am fairly new to Cubase
Anyway, thank you for taking time. You helped me a lot

I didn’t mean to sound harsh, what I was trying to express is that when discussing technical aspects of the program using text, we need all details possible.

Is the workflow I gave you the one you need?

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That was exactly what i’m looking for!