Duplicated Track Weirdness

This is new.
I have duplicated (right click menu) an Audio Track and when I select the Audio Part on either track BOTH parts get selected. They’re somehow linked but they’re not grouped. This is strange and new behavior.
I did the same thing on a different Audio Track but the result was that they were not linked at all.
Strange. Does anybody know whats going on please?

Cubase 6.5
Mac 10.6.8

Been covered, do a search.

sounds like a good name for a band…nearly . if you bounce the audio part from the audio menu it will make it into an original take, i fink

Couldn’t find an answer. It’s doing it even when I bounce the audio.
The only way I can get it to work is by creating a new Folder track
and putting all the adjacent tracks in there and deleting the old folder.
Bug I guess.
The “been covered” do a search reply was useful by the way.

Thanks for that.

Guessed wrong: the magic words are ‘shared copy’. Covered very well in the manual.