Duplicates of Paragraphs when importing masterpages


I know this has been discussed before but I can’t find that post now. Somewhere Daniel stated that this was a bug that should have been fixed in the latest release, so now I’ve spend some time creating a bunch of new master pages, but the problem still exists with duplicates of Paragraph styles.

This is how I’ve done:

  • I’ve created a couple of new Paragraph Styles and saved them with the Star button. I’ve tested those new Paragraphs by creating new projects, and they are there.
    After that I created a bunch of Master Pages for my different needs and exported them. All done from a new default document in 3.5.1
    When importing the master pages a bunch of duplicates of the Paragraphs shows up in the Paragraph dialogue.

The original thread was here.

When you export master pages, any user-defined paragraph styles will be included in the exported master page definition, even if they are already present in the user library (i.e. you’ve clicked the star to save them as defaults for future projects). Dorico doesn’t know whether you’re going to import those master pages on your own computer or send them to somebody else, so it has to include everything it’s going to need to show those pages correctly, including those paragraph styles. When you then import the master pages, Dorico doesn’t know whether or not the existing styles in your library are the same or different, despite having the same name, so it imports the paragraph styles from the master page library so that it can be sure of showing them correctly.

In future we expect to introduce finer control over these kinds of decisions when you import library items, but for the time being there’s no way to control this.

Oki, got it. Thanks! :slight_smile: