Duplicating a wave inside a clip

Hi team,

How can I take a waveform inside a clip in the Sample Editor, make a copy of it, and place it somewhere else in the same clip? In my case, I have the waveform of a crash cymbal. There needs to be another one a few bars (or seconds) later. I just want to duplicate it and shove it over to where it needs to be. As usual, the Cubase documentation is completely useless. Thanks :slight_smile:!

Here’s a pic of what I’m trying to do. I want to copy the waveform and paste it where the cursor is at bar 6.

Sorry but copy and paste is definitely explained in the manual. You just have to do it in the projekt window.

Thanks for the quick reply. I now see how you just do it in the actual track. I was looking for a more complicated solution :frowning:. It works…thanks again!

The reason I missed that very obvious solution was, I thought we could just do the copy and paste the same way we do MIDI data in the Editor window. I was wrong. Beats me why not. Thanks again!